I usually don’t like sports movies. It seemed like there was a dark period in filmmaking when every other sports movie was about some underdog team overcoming adversity to win the big championship. Sometimes they were football teams, sometimes they were drum teams (? this is not a thing in Canada, at least that I know of), sometimes they were some kind of newfangled hiphop dance team. The enemy team was always this reprehensible bad team; while the good guys were (typically poor) scrappy underdogs, the bad guys were rich, had plenty of training, and were mean and snooty. It seems like every sports movie made since Remember the Titans was just… a remake of Remember the Titans with different actors and sometimes a different sport.

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Billy Crystal To Host Oscars Forever

The biggest winner at the Oscars last night? Look no further than host Billy Crystal.

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Playstation Vita

I need to begin by saying that the Playstation Vita is a beautiful piece of hardware. Read the rest of this entry »

Star Wars: Outbound Flight

Another post, another Star Wars book review. I’ve found myself inundated with time and as I never really did a lot of reading for fun while in university, here I am, striking back.

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Star Wars: The Paradise Snare

I first read Star Wars: The Paradise Snare a little while after it came out, back in 1997. I was just a kid and I thought it was a pretty rad book, all in all. On a whim I picked it up again and gave it another reading. I was sorely disappointed. Read the rest of this entry »


Hi y’all,

I came down with some bizarre sickness, hence no post today. Watch for one or two this weekend!

Xbox 720: One Step Forward (and Two Steps Back)

Reading this over at Kotaku reminded me of GTA: San Andreas – specifically when you turned to K-Rose and the song One Step Forward was playing. Read the rest of this entry »