Gamer Entitlement and the Myth of Ownership

Art is a tricky damn thing. It’s almost impossible to define, to begin with, and it’s pretty damn hard to decide who the owner ever is. I mean, sure, there’s often the original piece of art, like with a painting or a fresco or a sculpture or whatever. Things get much more complicated when you consider other mediums like music, where that piece of art, be it Beethoven or the Beatles, can be recreated and redone (or even duplicated) by a third party. Read the rest of this entry »

Mad Men Thus Far

Mad Men continues to be one of the best shows on TV. I felt the latest season has been off to a pretty interesting start, with Matthew Weiner setting up characters and plotlines like dominoes. Read the rest of this entry »

Is Star Wars for Kids, or does George Lucas Just Love Money?

I have to be perfectly honest with y’all: I loved Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. I thought it was awesome and super cool and everything. I read the novelisation and read everything I could about the movie — hell, I started a fansite which, fortunately, no longer exists. Read the rest of this entry »

Touch My Katamari

Touch My Katamari is the latest Katamari game and is out on the PS Vita (and has been for awhile). It retains the classic gameplay elements that makes Katamari fun and mixes it up with a new feature, allowing the player to control the width or height of the Katamari, enabling them to squeeze into or under tight places or roll things up in different, possibly easier ways. Read the rest of this entry »