Same Xbox Time, Same Xbox Channel

Microsoft, obviously upset at the fact that I never boot up my 360 and let my Xbox Live membership lapse, has been dropping hints as though they were objects heated to a point of uncomfortableness that they may be launching Xbox TV.

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Xbox 720: One Step Forward (and Two Steps Back)

Reading this over at Kotaku reminded me of GTA: San Andreas – specifically when you turned to K-Rose and the song One Step Forward was playing. Read the rest of this entry »

New Xbox dashboard a-comin’

The “Metro” update is set to hit, and with it, we’re looking at something similar to the Windows mobile OS combined with PS3’s own great setup.

Voice integration sounds and looks cool but I don’t have a kinect so, whatever. Roaming profile sounds great, as I tend to occasionally roam without a profile, so that’ll solve that.

To be honest, all I really use my Xbox for is Netflix and video games (ie SKYRIM). Streaming movies/TV from my laptop has never worked well (always very laggy, a common problem, and the Box has a tendency to fuck with your media so you cease being the “owner” in Windows and have to reset ownership of your stuff… with a decent sized music collection, that’s a bitch), so I have my PS3 for that and Blu-rays (and sometimes, Netflix). Adding YouTube is a great idea, but including a browser (like the Wii and PS3) would be a smart move.

All in all, though, it does look smoother, so I look forward to that. Might be a review in the pipes.

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