Mass Effect 3 Ending Patch

This is starting to become old news, but Bioware has been put on the defensive lately by people having played Mass Effect 3 and been dissatisfied with the ending. Having not beaten the game myself (blasphemy!), I don’t know how much I can argue the point, but I do think it’s gotten pretty ridiculous so far. Read the rest of this entry »

Mass Effect 3

From the get-go, Mass Effect 3 had a tall order to fill: to be better than Mass Effect 2. Mass Effect 2 was a brilliant game and an excellent follow-up to Mass Effect… itself, a brilliant game. That isn’t to say each isn’t without its faults: Mass Effect had its fair share of irritating gameplay elements and annoying missions. Read the rest of this entry »

Xbox 720: One Step Forward (and Two Steps Back)

Reading this over at Kotaku reminded me of GTA: San Andreas – specifically when you turned to K-Rose and the song One Step Forward was playing. Read the rest of this entry »