Same Xbox Time, Same Xbox Channel

Microsoft, obviously upset at the fact that I never boot up my 360 and let my Xbox Live membership lapse, has been dropping hints as though they were objects heated to a point of uncomfortableness that they may be launching Xbox TV.

It would more or less be a toned down, cheapo version of Xbox’s yet-to-be-released Durango. The thinking, I guess, is that you could plug your cable or whatever right into this bad boy and plug that into your TV/receiver, and watch everything through your Xbox experience… thing. Xbox allegedly has some connections set up and may be in talks with networks to get them to jump on board and provide content. It isn’t terribly unlikely, what with how consoles are doing in general — this would allow Microsoft to shift the market segment slightly and capture a broader base. It would conceivably allow for streaming from your PC, like the current Xbox 360 and PS3 (and Wii, if you really, really, really try) which is pretty key. For the record, my PS3 is my streaming device of choice.

What do y’all think? Would you buy a Durango or an Xbox TV? Do you think it’s silly to still call them “set top boxes” when you really can’t put it on top of your TV set?


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