Metal Gear Kojima

Square Enix’s Play Arts makes some of the coolest action figures in existence. Their new Raiden figurine for Metal Gear Rising is no exception.

They recently sent Hideo Kojima himself a figure… of himself. They placed his on the thing instead of Raiden’s — the result is a one-of-a-kind action figure. Hideo took it a step further, removing his head from the figurine… and putting it on top of a Solid Snake figurine. It just goes to show, no one likes Raiden.


Nah, that’s not fair. I played the Revengeance demo and it is an incredibly cool game. I’m looking forward to the full thing for sure.


Bargain Bin Reviews: Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

It’s The Pletteau’s favourite video game related feature: The Bargain Bin Review!

Here’s how it works: I dredge the depths of video game stores / Steam looking for cheap games in the $1-$20 range. Games that were once $50-70 and were either very bad or have been out for a long time. I then review said title, taking into account the quality of game and its price. I pass this information on to you and we are both richer for it.

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

Remember Kane & Lynch: Dead Men? Released in 2007, Kane & Lynch looked incredibly promising. It followed a pair of prisoners, Kane and Lynch, forced to team up. You played as Kane and the catch with Lynch was that he was a heavily-medicated psychopath. It seemed really cool, but less-than-stellar reviews coupled with “Gerstmanngate” (the incident wherein Gamespot fired reviewer Jeff Gerstmann allegedly for a bad review). Kane & Lynch was, in a single word, awful.

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