Return to Midgar: Minecraft Edition

Today I challenge you not to be blown away:

Someone with a ton of free time went and created a Minecraft re-creation of Midgar from Final Fantasy VII. If there are two things that I’m enamored with, one is Minecraft and the other is FFVII (not my favourite, but it is undeniably awesome).

I can see someone being OCD enough to go ahead and do this. I’ve started numerous massive cities and so on (never coming even close being done, of course) and have devoted more hours to Minecraft then nearly any other video game, I’m sure. It’s incredibly addicting and if you’re somewhat creative or talented, you can create great works of art. If you’re neither, like me, but you just have an incredible imagination, you can build whatever you want for however long you want. That’s the real beauty of Minecraft: as much as you’re laying down blocks to look like other things, you’re also required to use a good chunk of your imagination not just to realize those things in-game, but also to process them as those things in your mind.

Kotaku has more pics up, but suffice it to say, hundreds of hours must have gone into this. I’m absolutely blown away by the level of detail and am currently deciding whether I should boot up Minecraft or FF7 when I get home from work today.


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