Wii U Midnight Launch at Nintendo Store

I don’t know how U plan to spend your weekend, but if you’re anywhere near Nintendo’s flagship store in New York, you can spend it freezing your ass off to get one of the first Wii Us.

I have no intention of ever buying a Wii U (true story: I kind of accidently bought my Wii), but if you’re into this kind of thing I’d recommend it. Also, if you know who Reggie Fils-Aime is (apparently he is the President of Nintendo of America), you’ll be delighted to know that he’ll be there to hand the very first Wii U sold in North America to the lucky popsicle standing at the front of a line.

So, put on your Ash Ketchum style fingerless gloves or your Pikachu hat or your Mario… suspenders or your giant Mii head or whatever Nintendo fans do, grab your various copies of Ocarina of Time, and get in line this weekend.


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