Dragonborn DLC for Skyrim: Details!

Bethesda dropped some news about the new DLC for everyone’s favourite levelling up sim SkyrimDubbed Dragonborn, players will get to go to Solstheim (remember the expansion pack Bloodmoon for Morrowwind? Bingo) and fight the first dragonborn and a bunch of other monsters. There will be werewolves too, and presumably not just yourself looking into a mirror.

If this doesn’t inspire terror, I don’t know what will.

As someone who gave up on Skyrim before beating it (or did I beat it? I can’t remember) and as someone who hasn’t picked up Hearthfire, I remain in my default status of “not really giving a damn.” Still, it does look kind of cool and does inspire me to quit work and play Skyrim until my savings dries up (spoiler alert: it already has).

See some more details and screenshots here.


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