Canadian Weblog Award Nominee

Hi folks,

My God it’s been awhile, which is probably a testament to what a bad person I am. I’ve switched up careers and have otherwise been incredibly busy, which is only half a good excuse for not posting regularly. I should have something up later today.

I would like to announce I have been nominated for a Canadian Weblog Award. I’m actually pretty honoured and am grateful to whoever nominated me — thanks, stranger.

The categories I’ve been nominated for are:

  • Best Weblog About Arts and Culture
  • Best Weblog About Pop Culture and Entertainment
  • Best Written Weblog

The competition is incredibly stiff; I recognize a number of blogs I’m competing against and I really am honoured to be recognized even in this way: a nomination doesn’t mean a win, but it means that at least someone thinks what I’m writing is worth reading. There is no popular vote for this thing, so while you’re probably expecting a link to vote for me, there is none: the contest is based solely upon quality of content. While obviously that depends on the biases of the judge(s), it’s something nonetheless.

Anyway, check it out here and read some of the other nominees.



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