PS Vita Wins Red Dot Award for Exceptional Design Quality

The very first line of my PS Vita review described the thing as a beautiful piece of hardware — no matter what you think of its performance or its price or whatever, you can’t deny it looks great.

That’s why I wasn’t too surprised when it was awarded a red dot award for exceptional design quality. 

The red dot award in design is an “internationally recognized quality label for excellent design” and is in fact a very prestigious award. The PS VITA is being awarded, in essence, for both looking absolutely amazing and being a great functioning piece of hardware. I’m impressed.


2 Comments on “PS Vita Wins Red Dot Award for Exceptional Design Quality”

  1. PJ says:

    I’m glad PS Vita is getting the recognition it deserves–it got the Red Dot for Innovative Product Design not just for looks and quality, but for how it integrates the design and physical controls into the functionality of the device, enhancing game play. Sony accomplished this in one gadget, keeping handheld game consoles not just relevant but the thing to have–to the chagrin of so many reviewers who denigrated the device even before it launched. Somehow Sony only gets the recognition it deserves from overseas venues.
    By the way, check out Think you’d like it.

    • James says:

      Yeah. Tons of the prerelease reviews I read were extremely positive, but there were some negative ones that had very poor reasoning behind them… Nintendo fanboys, I think.

      Thanks for the tip, I’ll check it out!

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