Coming Soon

I like Matthew Broderick. I think he’s funny and a… reliable actor. And of course, he starred in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, which is a movie any self-respecting human being has seen.

Though, if this ad is suggesting anything, it’s that Matthew Broderick is going to head into work so that Ferris can take another day off.

The description reads:

We hate to be such a tease, but on a day like today, we just have to. Stick it out until the Super Bowl, or take a “day off” on Monday and catch the big reveal.

The video was posted by “chuckachucka2012” (who has, since uploading the video, liked/favourited several Ferris Bueller clips) and the tags are “Ferris Bueller”, “Day off”, “Ferris”, “Bueller”, “February 5”, “teaser”, “sb46”, “big game”, “2012 superbowl”, “super bowl”, “advertising”, “ads”, “Super Bowl Commercial”, “Super Bowl Ad”, “XLVI”.

The internet is of course ablaze with rumours and opinion seems slightly divided. The best guess so far, I think, is that they’re set to announce Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 2 during the Superbowl. Such an ad would of course be terribly expensive, so they likely have a ton of money to spend, anyway.

The big question is: do we need another Ferris Bueller movie? The first one seemed self-contained enough. Ferris was endearing and we probably assumed that he’d graduate and grow up a little. From the clip, it looks like he has gotten older, but not grown up. If the idea is that Ferris blows off work in order to have a good time, well, it’s just kinda sad, really. Broderick is 49 years old, and in the ad he looks possibly older. While I’m sure it would somehow be possible to make a good Ferris Bueller sequel, it seems like it’d be way too easy to fuck it up. Obviously, come game day, we’re looking at an ad with Matthew Broderick. The only question is, for what?


One Comment on “Coming Soon”

  1. Anth says:

    I have a great idea for a title… How about The Midlife Crisis of Ferris Bueller’s.

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